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Mehrovar Corp., founded in 2023 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, is a non-profit organization committed to addressing challenges faced by immigrants, with a primary focus on those from Tajikistan. This report delves into the complexities and intricacies of the “Let’s Talk” meeting, a pivotal three-hour event hosted by Mastura Bahrom, CEO/Founder of Mehrovar Corp. The meeting, held on February 11th, 2024, at Restaurant Karavan Grill, aimed to empower Tajik immigrants by providing valuable insights into homeownership, taxes, and legal aspects of immigration.

Meeting Agenda

Coffee Break

Panel 1: First-Time Homebuyer Steps

⦁ Introduction to the benefits of being a first-time homebuyer.
⦁ Qualifications and steps in the buying process.
⦁ Insights into pre-approvals, lender selection, and closing costs.
⦁ Immigrant taxes: Understanding who, how, and when to file taxes.

Panel 2: Tax Insights for Immigrants

⦁ In-depth discussion on immigrant taxes.
⦁ Group Exercise: Teambuilding activity related to tax knowledge.

Panel 3: Immigration Q&A with Legal Expert

⦁ Interactive Q&A session with an immigration lawyer.
⦁ Summing up the meeting’s key takeaways.
⦁ Post-test, Completion, Conclusions, and Evaluation.


Three main speakers

Mastura Bahrom (CEO/Founder)


Immigration Lawyer

Key Highlights

Next Steps


The “Let’s Talk” meeting by Mehrovar Corp. exemplified a commitment to empowering the Tajik immigrant community. The comprehensive coverage of homeownership, taxes, and legal aspects, coupled with interactive sessions, showcased the organization’s dedication to addressing the specific needs of Tajik immigrants. The success of the meeting underlines its vital role in supporting the integration of the community into the United States.